The big international Axel Gerstl picture contest 2018

Conditions of participation

  1. The picture you send us has to show your Fiat 500 (year of construction 1957-1977), Fiat 126 or Fiat 600, has to consider our slogan "My most beautiful Fiat photo of 2018!" and has to be your property.
  2. Participation is free and independent from buying at our shop. With the participation in this contest the user accepts these conditions of participation.
  3. Only one participation per user is allowed. Repeated participation can lead to exclusion from this contest on the judgement of the Axel Gerstl company.
  4. The winnings mentioned before are only distributed under participants, who have send us all required information (both names, address, phone number, a valid email address and the picture) and send them to us until the mentioned date.
  5. Cash payment, payment in tangible assets or change of the winnings are not possible. The winnings are not transferable.
  6. The Axel Gerstl company reserves the right to stop the contest temporarily or completely, if any difficulties occur that threaten the contest.
  7. The Axel Gerstl company also reserves the right to change the conditions of participation unannounced.
  8. Punitive damages of the Axel Gerstl company, its employees or agents, which emerge out of this contest, for any reason, are limited to intent or gross negligence.
  9. With the submission of you pictures, the participant agrees to allow the Axel Gerstl company to publish the pictures free to the company's opinion on its website.
  10. The information you give us is only used for this contest and is not forwarded to third parties.
  11. There is no right of appeal.
  12. Employees or relatives of the Axel Gerstl are excluded from this contest.
  13. Each of the first three winners of our picture contests in the last three years are excluded from the picture contest.
  14. The winnings will not be disbursed and coupons will only apply at the Axel Gerstl company.
  15. Only pictures showing a Fiat 500 (year of construction from 1957 to 1977), Fiat 126 or Fiat 600 and which consider our slogan "My most beautiful Fiat photo of 2018!" are allowed to enter the contest.
  16. The winners of the places 1. - 10. will be published in our newsletter and on the website of the Axel Gerstl company with their full names as well as their country, but not with their full address or phone number and email-address.